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2007 Reviews of the CD "The Bridge Of Broken Dreams" -

"The CD is deeply rooted in the English folk/singer-songwriter tradition. I think Martyn Oram is at his best in the more sober ballads like 'Nothing To Fear' or 'Wherewithal' which are very pure and honest songs....This is a nice album with some nice songs which I really enjoy."
Eelco Schilder, Folkworld 33, Germany, June 2007

"All songs show a mastery of words that create vivid pictures and believable characters ... It's all put together with skill and passion ... Martyn's fiddle playing is excellent, but a bit too wild for me at times ... A well produced CD with extensive sleeve notes and photographs."  
Theo Thomas, Unicorn Folk Magazine, Spring 2007

"Typically thoughtful, warmly sung with exemplary diction and featuring his skilful fiddling ... The title comes from the track called 'The Fiddler' and very entertaining it is too ... Other striking tracks include 'Nothing To Fear', with its lilting melancholy, and 'Bam Bam's Last Note', a haunting setting of the last words of an 18 year old heroin addict ... This is an album that affords a deal of enjoyable listening."
Pat Nightingale, Folk London, Feb/March 2007

"A very adaptable writer and musician, hard to pigeonhole .... his latest album is best exemplified in the thoughtful, punchy acoustics of 'Good Times', the uplifting mandolin-led 'Kissing Polka' and the carefully crafted love song 'Twenty Years'."
Rock 'n' Reel Issue 3


HECHINGEN ZEITUNG 5/11/02 (Germany)


"Exactly the right thing for a Sunday with such bad weather: sometimes rather melancholic, sometimes really lively, presented with a very expressive voice.
Singer/songwriter Martyn Oram was the guest in Café Klein, Hechingen. For the last twenty years, Martyn has been living in London, but has toured throughout Britain, Germany and Denmark, and also in South America, Australia and the USA. The musical mix that Oram presented is very entertaining. His own songs alternate with Irish Folk. And although there was not enough space to dance, the audience enjoyed themselves clapping along. Especially when Oram played his violin instead of his guitar - then Mike had time to repair his broken string."


SCHWABO 5/11/02 (Germany)

Martyn Oram brings the Irish joy of life to the Café Klein

"More than just music: an intimate atmosphere prevailed in Martyn Oram's concert on Sunday afternoon in Café Klein, Hechingen. Between the Folk and Rock classics, the musician from the green island always took the time for a chat with the audience.
And when he sang, that was more than pleasure. With his slightly rough, throaty but nevertheless gentle voice the Londoner sang in Celtic style the unforgettable "One Day" and dreamed with his listeners in the ballad "Flying South" to the admiration of all. The 46 year old guitarist and violinist (although experienced as a soloist) was not alone. By his side was guitarist Michael Strobel from Metzingen. Both have toured together often in Germany, Ireland and England. This duo, with their original ballads, their powerful folk songs and the fiery fiddletunes on this rainy Hechingen Sunday afternoon were simply great. Music for the soul."


FREISINGER SZ Nov.02 (Germany)

"Oram's sophisticated guitar playing was convincing .... and was a fine base for his vocals. These were in a pleasing baritone, and dictatorially clear, which was good because a lot of the lyrics were well worth thinking about. The ambivalence of rain, being a nuisance in England and a hope in Dry Zones. The sun in the steel blue sky of a winter's day and various love songs.

The way he extended traditional jigs and reels was well worth listening to - using a combination of pizzicato and bow, bell sounds were created; and the reproduction of a rising thunderstorm at the Central Australian Ayer's Rock was very impressive."


"Martyn Oram from Britain, who appeared at Hankasalmi’s Kihveli for the third time, conquered the Makasiini and raised the spirits with his composer concert on Friday night.”


KESKISUOMALAINEN 21/7/02 (Finland)

“As an English composer, Oram has a little Celtic style in his music. Songs like “Drops In The Ocean” and “Rain” are like hymns that sway between sensibility and strength and are easily connected with the green moors of Britain.
Some songs about his own experiences eg “When We Were Young”, “Everybody Bleeds” and “Only Girl” are filled with tenderness and very intimate, personal experiences.
Oram not only has the gift to compose beautiful and strong music but he also has a magical stage charisma.
The atmosphere got better and better during the concert and everyone hoped it would not end.”

KESKISUOMALAINEN 23/7/01 (Finland)


“Martyn Oram with his violin took the atmosphere through the roof.”

SUD DEUTSCHE ZEITUNG (24/3/99) (Germany)

"with rough humour and unexpectedly brilliant folkrock, Irish-style fiddle tunes and pop ballads, ....... burned a musical firework, that not only entranced the audience but showed they needn't fear any comparison in that category ....... the atmosphere was great."



"a gifted fiddle player"

ROCK 'N REEL (Spring 2000) (England)

"Oram provides positive melodic contributions on violin, mandolin and bouzouki, and there's an exuberance and real sense of fun that seems to run throughout the album. Punchy, confident and unpretentious folk-flavoured rock"


"Wonderful, nostalgic folkrock. The acoustic-flavoured songs bring back the great times of Lindisfarne and McGuiness/Flint - with celtic roots blowing through "Drops In The Ocean"."

ROCK 'N REEL (Autumn'93) (England)

“an impressive collection of stylish and memorable self compositions and ace picking and fiddle playing and other acoustic delivery. Definitely worth the price of admission.”

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD 4/5/90 (Australia)

“A great fiddle player”

CORNSTALK April '90 (Australia)

“Fine musician and songwriter … writes songs that are listenable and pertinent”

ROCK 'N REEL Summer '88 (England)

“Without doubt a thoughtful and talented songwriter who deserves interest” .


“First class fiddle”

FOLK LONDON Nov ‘87 (England)

"good voice ..... fine fiddle player”

EASTBOURNE GAZETTE (20/4/83) (England)

"Martyn's programme consisted almost entirely of his own songs , and it is to his credit that he could hold an audience's attention with completely unknown material. He possesses a very good voice suited to his style of up-tempo contemporary folk and tender love songs; and an apparently vast collection of self-penned numbers to choose from. He also proved himself to be a fine fiddle player in a selection of Irish and his own tunes. His performance in Eastbourne was very enjoyable"

N.W.Z. GOPPINGEN (20/5/82) (Germany)

"Last Saturday in Club Sanssouci, Rechberghausen, was the English folk-singer Martyn Oram. He is one of a new, young British generation of songwriters ...... with songs of everyday life, often autobiographical; sometimes pensive, sometimes melancholic, but always carried by a very strong expressive voice. Martyn's brilliance was not only as a singer, guitarist and violinist, but also as a joking entertainer of the public between the listening pieces."

ESSEX CHRONICLE (27/3/81) (England)

"Martyn plays a superb guitar as well as a magnificent mandolin"

MELODY MAKER (6/10/79) (England)

"Oram's fiddle playing is appealing"